Blenna’s Blog – Holiday edition 


This little skincare brush packs a big punch. Studies show that the Clarisonic Skincare Brush gets your skin 6 times cleaner than washing with your hands alone. In fact, washing your face with just the sonic cleansing unit and water (without cleanser) was more effective than cleansing with an over-the-counter cleanser.

It also helps with 61% greater absorption of Vitamin C. What does this mean for you? ALL of your products will be able to penetrate deeper into the skin making them more effective! After 12 weeks, 80% of test subjects felt they saw an improvement in skin tone, texture, skin elasticity and firmness, and reduced appearance of pores.

Wondering if this is a good gift for the man in your life? Besides the benefits of younger, smoother skin, studies have shown that when men apply their shaving cream for 40 seconds with their Clarisonic prior to shaving reported a closer shave, increased comfort and improved ease of shaving, with smoother skin with less irritation.

Already have a Clarisonic, or want a good stocking stuffer for your loved one who has a Clarisonic? We also have the replacement brush heads available for purchase!

So this holiday season give the gift of softer, smoother, younger looking skin! 

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