Breast Augmentation (Implants) in Louisville

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Dr. Digenis on Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breast, adding volume, form and symmetry to the chest and resulting in a balanced, proportioned figure. At the time of your consultation with Dr. Digenis you will be able to learn more about the differences among implants, including those made of saline and the FDA approved silicone, and you and Dr. Digenis will determine which kind and size is the best suited for your body type and needs.

The procedure is performed under sedation with local or general anesthesia. A small incision is made under the breast, around the edge of the areola or in the axilla. The method of insertion and positioning of your implant will depend on your body type, breast shape, and Dr. Digenis’ recommendation.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

You may feel tired and sore for a few days following your surgery but will most likely be up and around in 24 to 48 hours. Most of your discomfort can be controlled by medication. A breast strap or sports bra will be worn to ensure positioning of the implants. Sutures dissolve with 7-10 days. 1 week off work, no strenuous activity or heavy lifting for 3 weeks may resume full activity 6 weeks post op.


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