About Our Team

Katie Link

Clinical Aesthetician

recent addition to our team but has been a certified clinical aesthetician since 2005
-certified in the field of BBL, Vanquish, Z-Wave, Microdermabrasion and MicroNeedling, and professional grade makeup and cosmetology
-kind and easy going; will never pressure you to do anything but what is in your best interest aestheticially
-spare time: loves ballet dancing, and keeping up with her husband and 3 children

Jenifer Kraft

Patient Liasion

-team member for over 10 years
-has extensive medical knowledge having worked in a high-volume surgery center
-worked in the field of plastic surgery for 15 years
-strong forte in organization, and intimate knowledge of the inner workings of our office
-expertise is unsurpassed and can assist you in scheduling your appointments, answering pertinent medical questions
-friendly, kind hearted, always upbeat with patients. She will be the first person you typically meet when coming to our office
-spare time: enjoy running and spending time with her husband and 2 adorable daughters

Beth Griffin

LPN & Medical Coordinator

-team member since 2011
-medical experience for over 10 years
-extensive knowledge of plastic and breast reconstructive surgery
-performs hundreds of procedures monthly for our patients with an extraordinary sense of
empathy, work ethic, and expertise.
-she will assist you in achieving a realistic surgical program, customized for your individual needs
-certified in the field of BBL, Vanquish, Z-Wave, Microdermabrasion and MicroNeedling
-spare time: avid gym participant, UofL fan, and “mom” to 2 Yorkies, Mollie & Teddy

Emily Digenis

Chief Operating & Financial Officer, Attorney & Marketing Director

-team member since 2001
-transitioned from practicing law to overseeing the business, financial and logistical side of the organization.
-she is responsible for maintaining the high standards of care commonly associated with the practice
Spare time: enjoys family, travel, and extensive volunteer work


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